"This is a project so big and so impossible, that only God can do it. And when God does it, only He can get the glory!"

Eagle Point Community Bible Church grew up with the city of Eagle Point and continues to be a light, witness, and service to the community. To that end, the congregation set out on an adventure of faith to build a new Worship Center for our growing congregation. This new building project was named "ARISE" and reminded us to arise to fellowship, arise to worship, arise to serve, and arise to give, as we continue the legacy for this generation and the next.


In 2011, the congregation and leadership of the church raised funds to expand the existing foyer to accomodate the increasing number of guests and facilitating their entrance, exit, and time of fellowship.

Interestingly enough, as months went by, the need for an additional exit in the sanctuary was determined. The leaders of the original building committee stepped out in faith and drew up preliminary plans that would not only accomodate the new door, but place it so that one day it would be part of the hallway for yet to be planned office space. In 2014, the new door was added, as well as two new classrooms and a storage area that would be next to a proposed sanctuary.

Plans for a new worship center were set into motion, with an incredible $2 million estimate. It seemed so big and so impossible, that only God could do it. And then, the first miracle came: an anonymous donor offered to match up to $1 million, provided the other gifts and pledges were raised within a year. Fundraising and sacrificial giving happened in the months following. Large donations and "widows' mites" poured in, along with the prayers of the saints.

Finally, in spring of 2015, on the deadline given for the matching gift, we received contributions and pledges that put us over the $1 million mark! It was a goal so big and so impossible, that only God could do it. And He did!

Months of final plans, paperwork, and permits followed. And then, in spring of 2016, demolition began on the old office wing (originally built in the 1950s). Clearing and grading the lot, preparing the foundation of the existing building for the addition, and the actual start of the building filled the air with the sound of tools and equipment.

Palm Sunday, April 9, 2017 was the last Morning Worship Service in the existing sacntuary. Following the service, the congregation helped bring chairs and equipment into the new Worship Center and pulled up the carpet to prepare for the renovation of the sanctuary.

Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017 was the official debut of the new Worship Center (the Good Friday service was also held there). it was an exciting and historical day of praise and thanksgiving, not only for the dedication of the new area, but also for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Indeed, ARISE was a project so big and so impossible, only God could do it. And since God did it, only He can get the glory.



Suspended above the stage in the new Worship Center is a cross that was fashioned from timbers taken from the foundation of the historic sanctuary building in the process of preparation. It's a reminder of the legacy that EPCBC has had over the decades in ministry to the community.


Part of the ARISE project involves the renovation and repurposing of the sanctuary. New offices are being built on the parking lot side. There will also be a "fireside room" and other meeting spaces. Current estimates predict this phase will be completed by summer of 2017.


1. Pray: "The effectual fervant prayer of a righteous man avails much" (James 5:16). With this new Worship Center and the upcoming repurposing of the historic building, pray that we accomplish the tasks placed before us in our city and expand the scope and quality of our ministries to better reach this and future generations.

2. Share: Tell your friends and family about what God has done through this project. As you see social media posts from the church, let others in your circle know by "sharing" the post on Facebook or "retweeting" it on Twitter.

3. Give: First: THANK YOU to all who have shared your gifts and pledges. Your acts of love, large and small, have been used by the Lord to bring this about.
Second: you can still give to the ARISE fund anytime. There are extra needs for furnishings, equipment, and other items needed to fully complete this project (but not neccesarily included in the total construction costs). Thank you for your generosity.
Third: your pledge is between you and the Lord, so please remember to honor your promise.

There are three ways to give:

1. In the offering: with cash, use one of the "building fund" envelopes in the foyer and drop it in the collection (if you want a tax deduction, please print your name on the envelope).
Make checks payable to EPCBC and write "ARISE" or "Building Fund" on the memo line. Place the check in the offering, give it to one of the elders, or mail the check to EPCBC - PO Box 192 - Eagle Point, OR 97524 (do not send cash in the mail)

2. Online: go to https://epcbc.securegive.com Once there, you will be prompted to creat an account. Simply follow the onscreeen directions to set up an accout and you will be ready. Make sure you select the "new sanctuary fund." (when you are finished, you will be sent to the church website)

3. Mobile device: locate and download the SecureGive app to your Android or other mobile device. Choose "Eagle Point Community Bible" and set up your user name and password.


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